Hukki Rose

Hukki Rose

Posted by Karla Powell on 7th Nov 2021

Serving size varies


1 Hukki Summer Sausage


Remove net and casing from Hukki summer sausage

Slice chilled sausage thin enough to be pliable

Let the slices rest on counter while you choose your wine glass size

The rim of the glass will determine the diameter of the completed "rose."

I like to form the layers of sausage around the rim of the wine glass when they are room temperature. This allows them to be pliable.

Fold 3-4 slices over rim of glass (half in/half out)

Add an additional slice to your next layer. Continue to fold the sausage in half over the rim of the glass until you have 4-5 layers.

Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 20 mins. I like the "rose" to be firm so it pops off the glass with ease.

Remove the wrap and invert the glass on your party board.

Enjoy this treat layer by layer.

Hukki Summer Sausage (nutrition info located in photo section)

As a self-proclaimed "dump and pour" cook, this information is approximate.  Modifications made based on my family's preferences.

I'm not a trained culinary specialist, just someone with over 40 years of home cooking experience.

Please feel free to make changes to this recipe to fit your dietary needs.